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Getting to NutsHuts

Dear Guests,

We would like to enable guests to have a kind of access to Nuts Huts that is
far more elegant and scenic than the ‘almost legendary’ access road that has been a constant feature
in Tripadvisor reviews on Nuts Huts and a‘popular’ topic with travelers.

Whoever still wants to get a ‘taste of our ‘legendary’ access road, it is a free world…

Leaving nostalgia out of it, we have now decided to inform guests more clearly
on access options to Nuts Huts in varying degrees of elegance, effort, and rate.

Walking the access road: not really recommended (anymore).

After being dropped off by bus/jeepney/taxi driver at the Nuts Huts signboard,
walk the 800 m access road to the entrance and then down the stairs to reception. Price: free!

In sunny weather the access road can still be a do-able option.

Riding the habal-habal from Loboc Town: recommended.

When you have taken a jeepney from
Tagbilaran to Loboc Town, find a habal-habal (motorcycle taxi) to take you all the way to
Nuts Huts across the 800 m access road for 60 P (per motorcycle).
Put your trust in the experienced drivers and keep your feet dry.

Taking the boat from Sarimanok Boat Station: highly recommended. Why?

Entering Nuts Huts by boat offers a scenic, kind of Apocalypse
Now experience that is particularly recommended if you have heavy luggage or backpacks.

Sarimanok Boat Station has been largely overlooked over the years because of
lack of information available to travelers coming to Nuts Huts, and because there was never a real need
to consider that option in ‘normal’ conditions. Due to an overload of rain throughout the year –
there is no clear hot/dry/wet season anymore – this option has become more and more kind of a necessity almost.

Sarimanok takes you to Nuts Huts for 150 P per person, and it is definitely worth it. We are working on permanent service in Sarimanok, and it helps if you let us know (by email) you prefer this option, so we can contact the boat station and you can be guaranteed to have your elegant and easy access to Nuts Huts.

All the above options (1,2,3) also work the other way around, of course. Once again,
we can highly recommend exiting Nuts Huts by boat – at the same price of 150 P per person –
allowing you to walk straight from your bungalow to the pier and into the boat to take you to Sarimanok Boat Station
from where you can take public transport to Tagbilaran or any other destination, or there can be a pre-ordered taxi
waiting for you at the boat station. Our staff can arrange a boat for you the night before you check out,
or even at short notice, as the boat station is just 15 min away from the Nuts Huts pier.

Both ways, access and exit, there is no need to carry your backpacks or heavy luggage up the stairs to
reception if you enter/leave Nuts Huts by boat.